Why you shouldn’t give interviews while you’re sick

A couple of weeks ago, I was at home from work with the flu, but a university student from my old alma mater wanted to interview me for a school assignment. I was too weak to go out, but she agreed to come to my home to do the interview.

In hindsight, it was probably not a good idea to answer questions while I was burning with fever, but I remembered the days of school assignment deadlines and I wanted to help her out. So she came.

We had a lovely chat. I was congested, but feeling all right as long as I stayed ensconced in my recliner. At one point, she asked me something about my job as a writer. This, I swear to God, is how I answered:

"A writer's job is to...to...oh, my God, I can't think of the word...it's on the tip of my tongue." *snaps fingers* "You know. Like explain. Talk about. Communicate..."

*stares at feet* "Turn your recorder off because this is going to take a while."

*goes to kitchen to make tea* "I just knew this would happen. That word is totally escaping me..."

*sits back down with hot drink, opens online thesaurus and blanks on other synonyms for word I'm trying to think of*

Three minutes later...

"ARTICULATE! That's what I want to say! A writer`s job is to articulate the universe and their personal experience of it."

That's me. The articulate writer.

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