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Back to the Good Fortune Diner selected as a 2014 DABWAHA finalist!

Friends, family, fans, I NEED YOUR HELP!

My 2013 book, BACK TO THE GOOD FORTUNE DINER, was nominated as a finalist for the DABWAHA (Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors) tournament and I need your votes to help me get to the next tier of competition!

Basically, it's March Madness for romance books. I'm up against 7 other titles vying for top spot in the category romance division, with 64 titles in all. There are all kinds of prizes up for grabs, including Amazon gift cards and Kindles, so sign up and you could WIN!

DEADLINE to vote is MARCH 17, 11:59 p.m.

Follow the instructions here:

Very simply...

1. Go to THIS PAGE: 

2. Fill out your nickname, first name, last name and email address on the upper right hand corner of the chart.

3. Click on "(12) Back to the Good Fo" (right side, sixth from top in Region 3) until it fills every column up to Round 6 (it should appear in the Round 6 column twice.)

4. Fill in the rest of the chart by clicking on the titles you think will win in each round, making sure Back to the Good Fortune Diner remains in the final spot in Round 6.

5. Click on the Submit Picks button below the chart. Then tell your friends to do this, too. Because I love you all, and you are awesome.

dabwaha screen cap

If I win,

I will shower you all with gifs and smother you with eternal gratitude. It's a huge honor to be selected by these two very well-known blogs, but my goal is to CRUSH THE COMPETITION. (Smack talk is a traditional part of this tourney.)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, go to the site

Here are a few endorsement/bribes, meanwhile:

Captain Hook encourages you to vote for Back to the Good Fortune Diner and get your friends and family to vote, too!
Stephen Amell of Arrow is pumped to vote for Back to the Good Fortune Diner in DABWAHA.
Jeremy Renner will be disappointed if you don't vote for Back to the Good Fortune Diner at DABWAHA.
Benedict Cumberbatch is on his way to vote for Back tot he Good Fortune Diner on DABWAHA.


Loki Hiddleston learned the meaning of love from Back to the Good Fortune Diner. He's voting for it, too.
Idris Elba loved Back to the Good Fortune Diner and will be voting for it. That's not poor phrasing, folks.





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