Updates August 27, 2018

Wow, it's been a year since my last blog post. Strange to see my cat's face up here. A year later, I'm still keenly feeling his loss, imagining his presence on my desktop as I write and he tries to get me to pet him instead. The other day I caught myself moving to go feed him. I sometimes think he's still hanging around in spirit form...

So the past year has been mainly focused on finishing THE DEVIL'S REVOLVER series. I'm editing a draft of the final book now. After that, I'll be taking a writing hiatus to refill the well, start reading all the books in my TBR pile, and spending time with my Irrational Biped, turning three this October. I've been greatly blessed with a loving, understanding husband, and I need to have time with my family to appreciate what I've accomplished.

For anyone in Toronto, I'm doing a few workshops and making appearances over the next little while: I'll be doing a one-hour workshop on Worldbuilding at the Toronto Romance Writers first ever convention Sept. 22. I'll be at Word on the Street Toronto as V.S. McGrath reading from The Devil's Standoff, book 2 in the series on Sept. 23. Then I'm hosting a two-hour Romance 101 workshop Nov. 3 at the Pape/Danforth library. In April, I will be presenting a 3-hour workshop on Characterization and Complex Conflict. Details for all of these events are available on the Events page.

The world is kind of a terrible place right now, which is why you might only see RTs on my Twitter and Facebook pages. As much as I like engaging, I am at a stage in my life where I've decided my mental health, as well as my physical health, can stand not being exposed to toxic garbage all the time. But I'm here, and I'm listening and watching.

Yours in internet spirit,



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