Updatery goodness and some big news!

So, if you haven't figured it out yet from my posts, or lack thereof, having a baby is hard.

But I have managed to put my last Harlequin Superromance to bed, so yay! MATINEES WITH MIRIAM will be out in November!

V. S. McGrath
V. S. McGrath

Meanwhile, I'd love you all to check out my newest project and penname, V. S. McGrath.

I'm proud to announce I have signed a 4-book contract with Brain Mill Press for my YA fantasy Western (weird West) series, THE DEVIL'S REVOLVER.

THE DEVIL'S REVOLVER takes place in the sunset days of the magical Wild West, a time in history that was much like our own, only with magic. Seventeen-year-old Hettie Alabama goes on a desperado quest to save her kidnapped sister from bandits . She is aided by a magic revolver that takes a year of her life for every man she kills, and nothing, not even hell itself, can stop her.

I'll be cross posting between this website and VSMcGrath.com, and sharing some content among my Twitter and Facebook accounts, but if you want to know more about my next exciting adventure series, please sign up for my newsletter at VSMcGrath.com so you'll be notified when THE DEVIL'S REVOLVER is released!


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