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That mega sale on my books that I mentioned? You can get all my books for $1.99 in all kinds of formats, including epub, kindle, and kobo.

You: But I want to own a hard copy!
Me: Sorry, but they don't do print runs after their on-sale month. However, you can preorder my November title, MATINEES WITH MIRIAM, and have that on your shelf!

You: But I don't have space on my shelves!
Me: See above re: ebooks

You: But I don't have time to read!
Me: Frankly, I don't care if you read it. This is about my ability to pay for daycare and you supporting working writers like me.

You: But I can't afford it!
Me: If you can afford a $6 latte that takes 3 minutes to make and 10 minutes to drink, you can afford to buy 3 of my books which each take 8 months to write and several hours to read. The cost amortization and return on investment is well worth the investment, I promise. Of course, if you're really hard up for cash, do me a solid and borrow it at your local library. Those hits count.

You: But I don't read romance.
Me: Because the patriarchy has drilled into your head that fiction by women and for women is somehow worth less than work written by a dead white man? Or because you're prejudiced against a genre you've never tried?

You: Is there some other way I can help you that doesn't require me spending money?
Me: Absolutely! First off, rate it and review all my books on Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo or wherever you do your book buying! Even the shortest "Great read!" and a five star rating helps bump my visibility up in rankings. It only takes a few seconds, so please, rate and review everywhere you can!

You: I can't read a romance book something something Fifty Shades something something bodice rippers something blah blah blah shirtless men blah blah formula blah....
Me: Look, I can't make you like anything. I'm just asking for a chance. I never liked olives before, either. Now I love them. Most of them. When I'm craving them. For $2 you can say at least you own this book, and maybe, one day, if you're trapped in a cabin with your kobo and have nothing else to read, you can read it and then tell me how much you hated it.

You: But I hate you.
Me: Then why are you still here?

Sale ends Oct. 25!

I LOVE garage sales. You get to glimpse the lives of others while finding awesome deals on things you won't necessarily find in stores. It's an environmentally-friendly way to furnish your house, and it's easy on the wallet.

This weekend, my neighbor down the street opened up and emptied out her garage, house and basement. Her late husband was a collector and a garage-sale junkie himself. Among the fantastic collection of life: several old vaccum-tube radios, antique skiis and sleds, an old wall clock, an old metal Coca-cola cooler, old cameras, tons of children's books (the owner was a former elementary school teacher) and the crown jewel: a rusted-out two-seater roadster, which she and her husband used to drive around in in the seventies, before her kids were born.

There were so many memories and stories splayed out over the ground. I saw tons of tankard mugs with commemorative plaques attached to them; trophies for little achievements; a box of sports memorabilia her now grown son must have left behind...it was a little saddening to see how so much stuff had been accumulated over a lifetime, only to be practically given away.

Indeed, a wistfulness hung in the chill autumn air. The owner continually corrected herself when talking about her husband in the present tense. She was sad, she said, about giving up so many of these old memories. Better though that all this junk that would otherwise still be buried in the garage be out there making someone else happy.

We picked up a turning spice rack for $1 (our asking price of $5 was dismissed).

So, what's the best deal or story you ever got from a garage sale?

Remember, everyone who comments between now and Nov. 26 will be entered to win a Harlequin vintage prize pack!