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I don't watch commercials. Not when they're on TV. I don't even have cable or spend much time watching the few channels I do have because I stream or download all my shows. And I patently ignore any commercials that come on before YouTube videos.

But now and again, I'll see a commercial go viral, and thanks to the internet, I can actually choose the commercials I want to see and decide for myself how effective they are. These videos don't always have a lot of flash or substance but they do have something that speaks to me: authenticity in effort and genuine emotion. These things will always win over manufactured desires--empty, winding roads with sexy cars and fake women in the passenger seat; overly attractive men and women partying in a million-dollar mansions, etc.

For the record, I do enjoy Chipotle, I want to buy a Chevy Sonic and listen to more of OK Go's music, and while I don't drink Bud on a regular basis, I do have some modicum of respect for the commercial, whether or not it's staged.

Here are a few of my recent favorite commercials.



Chevy Sonic and OK Go Needing/Getting:


Budweiser's Flash Fans commercial (from the Superbowl):