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Actual conversation with the husband:

John: Man, the ferry service from the Bruce Peninsula to Manitoulin Island has been delayed because of low water levels. Thanks, global climate change.

Me: Aww, poor boo. Don't worry, I'll go fill it up. I'll bring a garden hose.

John: Or you could bring five.

Me: I could!

John: Or you could bring five hundred hoses! It'll fill up a million times faster!

Me: I don't get your math. But if I had a million hoses, I could turned them all on one at a time and by the time I got to the last one, I'd have to start turning them off.

John: If you had the Flash helping you, that could work.

Me: I'll get five Flashes! Flash, Kid Flash, Reverse Flash, Quicksilver...and...uh...Superman. Because Superman tied in that famous race against the Flash.

John: *stares*

Me: It's true! I own that issue! It was great.

John: Well, I guess. Except I think Superman might be busy.

Me: Supergirl will do in a pinch.

John: That's sexist.

Me: Well, maybe she's busy!

John: Doing what? Cooking in the kitchen, watching the kids and make 70 cents to Clark Kent's dollar?

Me: Yeah, that Superman versus Supergirl in the workforce extravaganza issue didn't do so well in sales for DC.