SYWTBAW: This is the year…

Happy new year!

You're probably saying to yourself: this is the year I write the great novel that's been bouncing around my head. This is the year I make something of that crazy idea I've been letting stew. I'm going to sit down and write, dammit, and no one can stop me!

Good on you!

If you've said this to yourself and you're reading it, then I am going to hold you to that pledge. Grab your favourite book, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

I do solemnly swear on this copy of (your favourite book) that I will start AND finish writing that book I've always wanted to write, with a first draft completed by (insert a date here, though beginners should aim for December 31, 2010.)

I will devote my time and energy into producing a solid word count on a regular basis, no matter how terrible my writing is, and have the words THE END attached at the bottom of my manuscript, even if my work is rife with bad grammar and punctuation, plot holes the size of any two-bit editor's fist, cliches and bland, stale characters.

I will NOT give up until I am done.

By the Power of Grayskull, so say we all.

Okay, writers. You got that all? Now, BICHOK!

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