SYWTBAW: Anatomy of a Rejection, Postscript

Victoria Curran did an interview with the Pink Heart Society about Superromance editorial. She came to me this morning, letting me know she "cited" one of my characters as a bad example of cliche only because my book was the last one she'd read and remembered. I didn't take offense--I'm fully aware of the genre I work in and what I'd written. Heck, I was flattered she even remembered my book!

Read the interview here.

2 thoughts on “SYWTBAW: Anatomy of a Rejection, Postscript

  1. M.

    hey babe

    you handled that much more maturely that i might have

    good on you (to quote another nemo character)

    how sad yet excellent for you to be rejected but in such a detailed,helpful way. myself, i'm still at the form rejection stage...

    what is sywtbaw? i thought it might be something heading towards 'so you think you can write' but that didn't work out


  2. Vicki

    SYWTBAW: So You Want To Be A Writer.
    I post a lot of "advice" on how to get into the habits, and try to impart useful info on writing basics.

    Really, it should be called: So I Want To Be An Author...And Get Paid To Do Write 8 )


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