Review: Sh*t My Dad Says (book)

Sh*t My Dad Says (book)

by Justin Halpern
The story goes like this: Justin Halpern got dumped by his girlfriend and had to move back in with his parents at the age of 28. While working from home, he compiled the things his retired father said to him and started a Twitter feed called @shitmydadsays. Since then, the younger Halpern has gained more than 1.5 million Twitter followers, been given a TV series based on his work, and has become a New York Times bestselling author.
Sh*t My Dad Says a small book, but it's packed with the kind of wisdom only fathers seem capable of dispensing--often crusty, sometimes bitter, occasionally dirty, but right at the core message. It's a little like getting a handful of Reece's Pieces out of a 25-cent vending machine and discovering they're all stale, but you find a peanut mixed in your handful, so it's totally worth it (unless you're allergic, in which case you're screwed.)
The anecdotes from Justin's childhood are at once hilarious, ridiculous, offensive and touching. It's a book you can pull out at parties after a few drinks to share with friends. S*it My Dad Says is as unique and outrageous as our own fathers and their pearls of wisdom.
Even now, I recall my own father's bits of wisdom passed to me over the years. I remember I was transferring out of the high school I'd enrolled in because it wasn't a "right fit" after only 2 weeks in grade 9. I'd been terrified he'd be disappointed in me for not sticking it out. "It doesn't matter where you go to school," he said evenly, driving me to my last day, "whether it's in this school, another school, or in the toilet."
If you think that's funny, make sure to read page 5 on Justin's First Day of Kindergarten.

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