Norfolk County Fair

I love fall fairs. I love seeing where food comes from, what prize-winning animals look like...and of course, I love fair food.

The Norfolk County Fair is a tradition among my hubby's family. Rides, a midway, fair food, and local produce are all available on the fairgrounds in addition to the animal and livestock shows and flea-market-esque bazaars.

We rounded off our day-long outing with dinner at the Erie Beach hotel at Port Dover. The dining room there hasn't changed their menu in decades, and they continue to serve their all-you-can-eat salad cart (which includes marshmallow ambrosia salad and some odd bright-yellow horseradish Jell-O) and celery bread. I had to be rolled out of the dining room, I was so full...

Do you visit any fall fairs annually, or have any autumn traditions your family partakes in? I especially love farmers' markets and antique shows! Drop me a line...and remember: anyone who comments on my blog up to the end of November will be entered to win one of four Harlequin vintage prize packs!

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