Red Carpet Arrangement Discussion Questions

Running a book club on Red Carpet Arrangement? Here are some topics you can discuss.

Spoiler Alert!

1. Does Riley have the right to be angry at Kat for the way she ambushed him with her pregnancy news on the red carpet at his event? How would you have handled the situation in Kat's shoes?

2. Sam tells Kat that her life isn't hers anymore. Do you think this is true when it comes to fame and infamy, even though Kat herself isn't famous?

3. As first-time parents, Kat and Riley both receive a lot of unwanted advice and criticism from everyone around them. Have you ever received the same kind of treatment from family, friends, colleagues or strangers? Have you ever given any unsolicited advice?

4. Do you think celebrities and mothers have similar experiences when it comes to getting criticism? Why or why not? Who gets it worse?

5. Why do you think people are obsessed with celebrity? Does the media feed the public's interest, or is the public genuinely interested? What value does celebrity gossip and coverage provide?

6. Post-partum depression affects many women, yet it remains underreported. Why do you think that is? How can we end the stigma against people with mental illness?

7. Kat's mother, Dotty, says her greatest gift to Kat is that she ensured she'd never have to worry about her. Do you think that is realistic? How do you feel about Dotty's philosophy of life and being free of all responsibilities and family?

8. Increased coverage and discussions about the unfair treatment of women in Hollywood and the dearth of good roles for women and minorities have put a spotlight on diversity in the entertainment industry. Discuss opportunities for greater diversity in film and TV. Recast your favorite films, books, TV shows etc. with women.

9. Considering the pressures of fame and Hollywood, do you think Riley and Kat will last?