Her Son’s Hero Discussion Questions

Running a book club on Her Son's Hero? Here are some topics you can discuss.

1. Many people think mixed martial arts is a brutal bloodsport. Famously, Senator John McCain called MMA “Human cockfighting.” Since then, though, every state in the U.S. except for New York has sanctioned MMA fighting. Are you a fan of pugilistic sports like boxing, wrestling or other martial arts? Why do you think MMA gets such a bad rap?

2. Fiona’s ex-husband was verbally abusive and made threats against her and her son frequently. She’s afraid her son, Sean, might have inherited his temper. Do you think temperament is genetic or instilled?

3. Is Fiona a helicopter parent? Is she smothering Sean too much? Do you think Dom is right—that at Sean’s age, he needs to learn to defend himself? At what age do you think we should let our children be more independent and solve their own problems?

4. Sean eventually befriends his bully, Rene. How do you think he managed it? Why do you think Rene picked on him to begin with?

5. Discuss how each of Dom, Fiona, Sean, Rene and Mako perpetrate or deal with violence. Is violence ever acceptable? How do we differentiate between necessary and unnecessary violence?

6. Why do you think Denise has a rivalry with Fiona?

7. Domestic violence is often ignored because it’s “none of our business.” Have you ever encountered a situation where you suspected abuse? How did you deal with it?

8. Mitch wants to make up for the way he treated Fiona and Sean. Do you think he can change? Will he be a better father to Sean, or is it too late to make a connection with him? Would you forgive Mitch?

9. Can Fiona ever accept Dom’s career? Do you think he’s really retiring? Should Fiona let him retire for her and Sean’s sake?