Back to the Good Fortune Diner Discussion Questions

Running a book club on Back to the Good Fortune Diner? Here are some topics you could discuss.

1. Tiffany and Daniel's parents are strict and expect a lot from their childrensome would argue that it's part of their cultural heritage. Do you think their style of parenting was ultimately helpful or harmful? How is their upbringing different from the way Chris was raised by his father, William?

2. As a teacher or parent, how would you deal with Tiffany's desire to be "normal" as a child and assimilate into American culture? Is it more important to blend in or honor one's cultural traditions?

3. Have you ever been a victim of casual racism? Do you let it slide or call people out on it? How should we deal with people who make casually racist statements? Have you ever found yourself making casually racist statements or having preconceived notions about someone based on their ethnicity? (Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes....)

4. Tiffany and Chris's romance was a relatively fast one. Do you think their relationship will survive with all the challenges Tiffany will face as she rebuilds her career free of her preconceived notions of success? How can Chris help her? Does she even need his help?

5. Why do you think Simon is so angry? Is this just teen angst, or does he have other issues?

6. Would you rather live in New York City or Everville? Why?   

7. Do you think Daniel and Selena will live happily ever after or are they happy enough for now?

8. Do you believe William is truly a changed man, or is he just suppressing what he really thinks of Tiffany and the Cheungs? Why do you think he said the things he did to her, but seem to retract his feelings by the end?