For Sale

The commodification of artificial lifeforms isn't new, but it's still chilling to see it resurface again and again in pop culture.

This Playstation 3 short whose purpose was to demonstrate the real-time motion capture technology now available (versus a pre-animated cut scene) tells the chilling tale of Kara:


Similarly, a trailer for Prometheus, starring the lovely and oh-so-sexy Michael Fassbender as "David," literally sells you the man in a box:


Would you ever purchase a robot servant? Even/especially if he looked like Michael Fassbender?

One thought on “For Sale

  1. I haven't watched the trailer for Prometheus yet, although it's all over the web, but I have seen Kara (on your Pinterest!) What a video!

    As someone who's had a life-long fear of robots (I was way too young to watch The Terminator OR Robocop) I can emphatically say no. When the uprising comes, I don't wish to have one at home. 😛


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