Whew. What a week. But I'm back more wedding to think about! HOORAY!

Just before the wedding, I received this rejection from Carina Press:

Dear Vicki,

Thank you for submitting HER CINDERELLA SECRET to Carina Press, and for your patience while the acquisitions team reviewed your full manuscript.

Unfortunately, after careful consideration of your manuscript, we have determined that it does not fit our needs.

Though we aren't able to accept this manuscript, it is always possible that future manuscripts may find a home with us, and we hope you'll consider us for future submissions. Additionally, please remember that publishing is quite subjective, and what doesn't work for one publisher may work for another so we wish you the best of luck in placing this manuscript elsewhere.

Thank you for your interest in working with Carina Press.

Angela James
Executive Editor, Carina Press

Oh, well. Back to the old drawing board. I'll probably try to pitch it to some other publishing houses. Couldn't hurt, right?

Just keep swimming...

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