DABWAHA Battle, Round 1 vs Abby Green’s Forgiven But Not Forgotten

Round 1 voting started yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, I was at home with the plague and I was all

and as the day wore on I was all

Even so, in between the bouts of extreme fever, chills and aches, I was all

So I rallied the troops, spamming friends and family far and wide. And while I was all

and hoped people would be all

I was pretty sure a lot of my Twitter followers were like

As the day wore on, I stayed just behind Abby Green, with a slowly growing gap between us. By the evening, it was like

with an 11% gap between us. So I started bribing as much as I could and was all

by offering up yummy men like



And it was all Abby could do to stay awake to watch me empty my guns because she was all

and I was all

In the end, though, no amount of sexy, shirtless men could close that gap, and my illness had defeated me. I was so sick, I was pretty much all

While Abby was all

So while I was defeated, I believe, if Abby is sleep deprived today, that maybe it was a Pyrrhic victory.

Being a part of DABWAHA has been awesome, and I'm really happy to have been nominated. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and filled out a bracket. Good luck to the next round entries!

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