2010 has been a fantastic one, and I'm so happy to emerge from it just barely singed.

1. Got married in May!—planning the wedding for the first half of the year was a little nerve-racking, but once it was over and we got to relax, married life took on a wonderful pattern.

2. Sold my freaking book! This had to be the achievement of the year for me (sorry, hubby, I meant SECOND greatest achievement of the year). The mania that ensued was simultaneously overwhelming and overjoying.

3. Met all my writing goals, finishing the first draft of my YA novel and nearly completing a second book in the series of contemporary romance. I even placed first in the TRW contest, which was an added bonus!

4. Opened up my website! It'll get a revamping in 2011, but I finally bit the bullet and bought my domain name and everything!

With so much completed in 2010, how can I top myself in 2011? I don't usually set goals, but I'm determined to:

1. Get an agent. I have a fantasy YA novel to sell! No vampires, I promise!

2. Survive my book launch: Her Son's Hero is coming out July 2011, and I hope to throw a little shindig or something. Guess I'll have to practice writing my signature, too.

3. Finish my next book, and complete a submittable MS for the third (which was technically already written, but I'm going to rewrite it completely.)

4. Complete a submittable draft of my YA novel (it's nearly there. I'm polishing it as much as I can.)

Other goals? More exercise, finish reading Gone with the Wind, maybe watching more movies...but I've discovered those kinds of resolutions fall by the wayside when I have writing to do....

Got goals? Share 'em in the comments!


It's been a week of +33 degrees C (91 F) heat and it is doing nothing for my word count. With humidity, it feels like 45 C (113 F).

My little office on the second floor is an oven. We don't have central air, nor do we own a window or portable air conditioner. I wake up nekkid, having somehow melted out of my pj's and reformed outside of them like the T-1000 if he wanted to shimmy out of his boxers. We have two fans going at night to keep us from dying, but it's been a rough week.
On the other hand, I've been going to sleep earlier just to avoid being conscious while it's so hot. So I guess it must be balancing out...
Quick updates:
I sent a partial for Her Cinderella Secret to the Champagne Rose line at Red Rose Publishing.
Still no word back about Fighting for Her Love v. 2.0.
Focus has been on The Ghost of Pense lately. I'll get back to my Desire book when I know where it's going.
Oh, also, I should mention that the wedding went well. It was the happiest blur of my life.
Here's a picture that pretty much sums it up:

Yes, those are Stormtroopers. My older sister arranged for them as a surprise at the ceremony and reception. My dream came true.
And in case there was any doubt about how nerdy I was, for the record, we got the officiant to declare us husband and wife in these exact words:

Therefore, by the authority vested in me by the Province of Ontario and the Marriage Act, and by the Power of Grayskull, it is my honour and delight to pronounce you legally married. Live long and prosper, May the Force be with you, so say we all.

That's her attempting the Vulcan Live Long and Prosper hand sign. Not quiiiiiite there...but good enough. 8 )