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SBTB book club ad Jan 2013The story goes thusly:

On New Year's Day, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Twitter follow from @SmartBitches, aka Sarah Wendell. I was confused and happy that such an illustrious name in the romance book reviewing community would bother to follow me and read my tweets about writing, proofreading, romance, crocheting, stomach troubles, E.R. visits, #notpregnant, #rennerection and various other tomfoolery.

It wasn't until I opened my Spam box (*shakes fist in the air*) that I found Sarah's email, informing me she'd chosen Back to the Good Fortune Diner as the January read for the Smart Bitches Trashy Books Sizzling Book Club.

For those unfamiliar with Smart Bitches Trashy Books, they are like the Oprah picks of romance...but with snark, wit and hilarity all rolled together. And they have a massive following.

This book club pick means Back to the Good Fortune Diner will be offered from Jan. 7-21 at 50% off the ebook on the Allromance Books website. It also means readers will buy it, read it and discuss it on Jan. 31 in their book club chat, which I will join for a Q&A at the end of the night.

So first I was like:

Then I was like:

And then I was all like:

After all, this is Smart Bitches. The big leagues, as far as I'm concerned. What if they don't like my book? What if other people don't like my book? What if my book becomes the object of widespread ridicule?

And then I was all like:


But then I remembered: the book is published. Whether people like it or not, I can't change the book or their opinions. Besides, Sarah said this:

It's very thought provoking, beautiful, and very, very well written.

And coming for THE Sarah Wendel, that's, like, crazy high praise in my estimation.

So I went back to being like this:

Also like this:


I hope you'll pick up a copy of the book and join in the discussion on Jan. 31! More details to come!


So the blog tour begins for the release of Back to the Good Fortune Diner! I'll be talking about all kinds of things regarding the book, writing interracial romances, and more. Come and see me at these awesome websites—I'll be giving away copies of BTTGFD to commenters!

You can also find this list on the Events page.

Back to the Good Fortune Diner, in stores January 2013!

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It's the soft release day for Back to the Good Fortune Diner!

As "gif" is the word of the year, let me express to you how release day makes me feel with my good friend with imaginary benefits, Jeremy Renner.

I wake up in the morning and remember it's release day, and I'm like:

I get up, and it's like the best day ever, and I'm like:

I go online and am a little nervous about pimping my book out. It takes a bit of working up to, so I'm like:

Then I put a tweet up, a Facebook posting. And I stare at it like:

But then, no one says anything for a while and I'm like:

And then I start to doubt myself and I'm like:

And when people finally Like, repost or RT me, it's like:

And people start putting it on their Goodreads To Be Read list and I'm like:

 And then more people RT me and I'm like:

And then people tell me they've bought my book and I'm like:

You can purchase Back to the Good Fortune Diner as an ePub now on the Harlequin website. To read an excerpt, check out my Books page!



I've sold my second book to Harlequin Superromance!


In many ways, this is a greater achievement than selling my first because it means 1) I'm not a one-hit wonder and 2) I survived a second round of crushing rejections and managed to keep a toehold on this thing I call a writing career.

Only a few details for now:

  • It will most likely be released in early 2013 (January or February, according to my editor).
  • The working title is "Prodigal Daughter's Fortune" but will most likely be renamed.
  • The story features a Chinese heroine going back to the small town where her family owns a Chinese Restaurant. There, she reunites with her old high school crush, who she used to tutor. His son needs help with school, and there's no one better than his old tutor to help. As he reacquaints himself with his classmate, he fan old flames as well as bitter memories. It's a country-meets-city reunion story with a hint of sweet and sour.
  • The first draft is complete and I'm polishing it now.

So there you have it. Not a RITA Award nomination, but just as good, if you ask me. 8 )


Woo hoo! The Globe and Mail has an article about me and Her Son's Hero!

An excerpt:

A bronzed, shirtless Adonis with chiselled abs and his willowy, full-bosomed lover are locked in a passionate embrace: It’s a book cover image that’s classic Harlequin, and various incarnations of this coupling blanket the main wall of the Toronto-based publishing company’s ninth-floor lobby. 

But one stands out: On a book called Her Son’s Hero, the hero in question is wearing a black belt and karate uniform.

In an unlikely combination merging mixed-martial arts (MMA) and romance, Her Son’s Hero tells the story of Dominic Payette, an MMA fighter who falls in love with single mother Fiona MacAvery. But Fiona has an aversion to violence that stems from her desire to protect her son, a victim of schoolyard bullying, and she initially resists Dominic’s advances.

Written by Toronto writer Vicki So under the pseudonym Vicki Essex (“You can’t spell my name without sex,” she says), Her Son’s Hero is a classic tale of opposites attracting – but wrapped in an unorthodox package.

Yay! I hope anyone who spots this article and who's come to my website will think of getting their own copy by clicking on the link in the right-hand sidebar...