Tonight could lead to my biggest giveaway ever!

UFC champion Ronda Rousey fight's Canada's Alexis Davis tonight at UFC 175. While I don't have favorites, I gotta cheer for the hometown girl, and I hope my fans will, too.

So here's the deal: if Alexis Davis wins tonight, I will give away 10 copies of IN HER CORNER to anyone who posts a comment on this blog entry!

For now, though, enter to win one signed copy on my Rafflecopter giveaway: it's on my Contests page, too.
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And check out the UFC's Countdown to UFC 175: Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis:




Here's more of what readers want from a romance blog: MALE BODY PARTS.

You hear about breast men, leg men, ass men...but what do women go for in a man?

Reading romance for a living, it seems guys over six feet tall with broad chests and shoulders, narrow hips and butts that look great in snug jeans seem to be pretty standard. I talked to a few friends, and they've responded with different things, too: strong hands, strong necks, While I love all those things, there is one body part that I frequently perk up at.


I never realized I had this particular fetish. It's not one of my husband's more dominant traits (sorry, hon, I married you for your fine looks, intelligence, sense of humor and a host of other qualities I could wax poetic about, but this is a romance blog, not an I-love-my-husband blog....*) But there's something about well-groomed, strong, expressive eyebrows with character that gets my attention.

I think my first exposure was to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's infamous "People's Eyebrow"...which is an absolutely ridiculous name for a ridiculous trademark. And yet it has the ladies--and guys--screaming.

Another set of fine eyebrows belong to James Marsters, aka Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was already pretty slick to start with, but whenever he raised one, boy howdy, it was like a little flag going up and saying HEL-LO GIRLS!

My  most recent eyebrow crush is Jason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, and will be starring in the new adaptation of Conan the Barbarian. Granted, they applied some wicked guyliner for the Drogo part, but those eyebrows...along with everything else... *fans self*

I want to hear about your favorite parts of a man. What gets your attention? Maybe it's not a physical trait, but a little habit, or the way they smell.

Leave a comment and I'll randomly pick a winner for a copy of Her Son's Hero! Draw will take place Friday, August 12, 2011, 9 p.m. EST.

*Note: I love my husband lots and lots.