I've sold my second book to Harlequin Superromance!


In many ways, this is a greater achievement than selling my first because it means 1) I'm not a one-hit wonder and 2) I survived a second round of crushing rejections and managed to keep a toehold on this thing I call a writing career.

Only a few details for now:

  • It will most likely be released in early 2013 (January or February, according to my editor).
  • The working title is "Prodigal Daughter's Fortune" but will most likely be renamed.
  • The story features a Chinese heroine going back to the small town where her family owns a Chinese Restaurant. There, she reunites with her old high school crush, who she used to tutor. His son needs help with school, and there's no one better than his old tutor to help. As he reacquaints himself with his classmate, he fan old flames as well as bitter memories. It's a country-meets-city reunion story with a hint of sweet and sour.
  • The first draft is complete and I'm polishing it now.

So there you have it. Not a RITA Award nomination, but just as good, if you ask me. 8 )


  1. Congratulations on selling another book. I'm going to have to look up what a super romance is! Proofreading romances during the day must give you good insight about what works in romances! Thanks for the connection on Twitter through @WomenWriters.


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