4 STARS from RT Book Reviews!

WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! So happy and relieved! For the uninitiated, RT Book Reviews is like the Publishers Weekly for category series romance. Here's the content of the review:

HER SON’S HERO (4) by Vicki Essex: Fiona MacAvery reluctantly agrees to let martial arts fighter Dominic Payette give her young son Sean lessons, as the boy is being bullied by kids from school. Fiona is instantly attracted to Dom, but is afraid that Dom won’t be a good influence on Sean. Dom is dealing with his own ghosts in the form of another MMA fighter who’s been in a coma since his last fight with Dom. Dom’s guilt and Fiona’s indecision are both well drawn, and the sexual tension is instantly apparent.

Reviewed By: Alexandra Kay

Also, June 1 marks the soft release (immature giggling here) of Her Son's Hero, available immediately as an Adobe ePUB ebook on the Harlequin site, or for early shipment before its July release date (if you're in Canada, keep a possible postal strike in mind).

You can get the ebook here:

And you can order the book off the Harlequin sight here:

It's available as a large print book, as well.


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